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There's no decision like an informed decision and with that in mind I encourage you to learn
what you can regarding pregnancy, labor, and delivery.  

I do my best to compile relevant and evidence based research and articles for parents to
use for their own educational purposes.  If you come across some research you think
should be listed here, please email me a link and I will review it and post it if appropriate.  
Thank you!

Why is it important to learn from evidence based research and articles?  Although there are
many fantastic websites out there with all kinds of information on them, many are motivated
by something they are selling.  It may not be as blatant as a product, but most likely a
philosophy or political bent.  It is time consuming to weed through all of the information and
to be left wondering if you just read information that is actually best for you can be
unsettling.  So I say, enjoy those websites as fun places to connect and hear ideas, but
when you need to make a decision about the care of yourself or your baby--head to
evidence based research and articles.  Print them out and take them to your provider to
discuss them.  
These articles do not replace medical advice in anyway.  

Maternity Care:  Pregnancy, Labor and Delivery
evidence based research and information.  The definitive website for the self-educated,
evidence-based, best-practice parent.

American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology Article on the use of epidurals





VBAC Research

research paper regarding fetal heart tone decelerations as they appear on the Electronic
Fetal Monitor, unplanned cesarean sections as related to the use of epidural anesthesia,
and meconium births


Review of Article in the Journal of The American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Induction Information.  Read this if you are considering an induction.

Pregnancy Massage

Is Homebirth Safe?:  Statistical Review
The Mehl Study,one of the largest scientific studies comparing the outcomes of homebirth
with hospital birth was done by Dr. Lewis Mehl and Associates.

Why is there pain during childbirth?

Safety in Birthing

Forget Epidurals--try Aquadurals and Douladurals

Cesarean Section and VBAC Information:  
Nicette Jukelevics
The Emotional Scars of Cesarean Birth 2001

Birth Choices After a Cesarean Section

Here's what the Society of Obstetricians and Gyn's have to say about VBAC

A comprehensive review of over 300 studies

Maternity Center's Cesarean Awareness Booklet

A look at VBAC from a physicians perspective through a consent form he uses
After the baby is born:

After the Baby is Born
My Baby's Cord Blood:  To Bank or Not To Bank



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