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Childbirth Education and Labor Support for Expectant Families
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The following is a list of online resources for expectant and new families.  The information
here in no way replaces medical advice.  SeattleBirthNet and Jodilyn Owen remind you to
talk to your provider about information you gain from any source--online or otherwise and
that every product may contain unique benefits or risks and that you must make the
decision about whether or not to use a product, service, or information you gain from any
of these resources.

My recommended book list at

Other books to read

Evidence Based Decision Making

How you sit and hold yourself matters!  Optimal Fetal Positioning

La Leche League New Beginnings Articles
Information on every aspect of nursing from both mother's and baby's perspective

The Heart and Science of Birth:  Midwifery Today

Support Midwifery Education: donate to or attend the Trust Birth Conference

Visit Midwives of Washington State

Labor and Delivery
Understanding Induction

Information on Cord Clamping

WaterBirth pictures, articles, research

Home Birth Options

Is Home Birth For You?

Read some birth stories:  lovely!

Cesarean Information

VBAC Research


Information on Cord Blood Banking

La Leche League Center for Breastfeeding Information Online

Prepare for Parenting with Parenting from the Inside Out:  It is not easy reading but it will
change your life.

The Art and Science of Mindful Parenting:  Listening Mothers