Jodilyn is a dynamic presenter who speaks to student and practicing midwives on the subjects of:

The Mindfulness of Midwifery (90-120 minutes)
The preservation of healthy, happy midwives is vital to the preservation of choice in birthing that parents should
rightly have access to.  Frazzled midwives burnout and leave the profession.  This workshop is designed to
create an understanding of the psychology, research, and science behind longevity in the profession of
midwifery.  Participants will create a purposeful and detailed plan for how they envision their practices and

The Newborn Exam: (90-120 minutes)
Participants will learn how to teach parents relationship-building skills and healthy attachment while bringing
greater understanding to their baby’s physical well-being through the newborn exam.  While practical detailed
exam process is discussed, this lecture will transform the lens that midwives view the newborn exam with.  

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