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On this list you can specify times of the day or night, and days of the week when you can be
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olleagues.  Please be specific and detailed about your times and days:
How long should a doula wait for your return phone call if the number you leave is a pager of
messaging service before calling another doula?
Please check the services you feel you would be the best help for:
Emotional support during birth
Emotional after birth/ debriefing
Technical Support during birth (pull resources)
I'm a new doula and I prefer to be on this list so that experienced doulas will know my
name and that I might be calling.  When I'm ready to, I'll volunteer to help out in one
of these areas.
If you would like other doulas in your area to give your contact info to parents they
can not take for doula work, please check here
If you will take no-cost doula referrals, please check here
My website is:
If you teach childbirth education in the greater
Seattle area, please list where you teach and the
type of model you use if other doulas can refer
parents to you:
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