Welcome to SeattleBirthNet:  About SeattleBirthnet
Childbirth Education and Labor Support for Expectant Families
SeattleBirthNet.com provides a comprehensive gathering place for information related to
birthing in the Seattle area and evidence based decision making for your pregnancy, birth,
and new mothering.  You will find access to resources, referrals, and evidence-based
research articles and papers.  
This is also the link to
doula and childbirth education services provided by Jodilyn Owen.

Seattlebirthnet.com is the home of the interactive birthplan tool.  This allows you to create
your birth plan by making informed choices about each of your options.  You will also have
access to additional resoures on each topic.

Enjoy your time here and please email Jodilyn with any suggestions or thoughts you have.
Jodilyn is happy to answer any questions you may have about where to birth in Seattle, who
the best providers are, and help you with special issues you are facing during your
pregnancy and/or your labor and new mothering.  Do not hesitate to email her, providing
resources and answers to help you in the process of becoming a healthy parent of a healthy
newborn baby is her pleasure.