Advanced Doula Training
Classes and Workshops for the Discerning Doula
"thought provoking..."

"Will leave you with an entirely new perspective on what it means to be a

"Creates a fresh awareness for how to participate in the prenatal, birth,
and postpartum experience with intention and understanding."
These workshops are designed to harness the true power of
being a doula, pushing participants to shift their paradigm and
build new skill sets for communicating and participating in births
and their interactions with expectant, birthing, and new families.

Trainers Jane Drichta and Jodilyn Owen have doulaed over 1000 births
in the Seattle area, in both in and out of hospital settings.  Presently
Jane is practicing midwifery with NewLife Midwifery Services, while Jodilyn
is completing her midwifery education and specializing in newborn
assessment through the Brazelton Institute out of Harvard Medical
School and Boston Children's Hospital.  

To learn more about the trainers, click on their names above.  
*The trainers will complete your CEU forms from your certifying organization if you bring them with you to the
*These workshops are approved for AAMI Trust Birth Doula Training Program credit
Upcoming Classes and Workshops

The Domestic Doula
4/26/10 10am-2pm
Seattle, Wa

Kitsap Birth Collective

Beyond Support: a 3 day
intensive advanced doula training
Summer 2010
WA State